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Recently, vegetable farmers pay more and more attention to the maintenance of greenhouse soil, such as the use of summer off-sheds, the use of various soil conditioners to adjust the soil, but the greenhouse soil compaction, salinization is still very serious。Many vegetable farmers pay attention to the use of organic fertilizer, but a lot of soil ...详细


At present, the national summer harvest process has been more than half。With the harvest of wheat grains to the warehouse, the majority of farmer friends have begun to consider the summer!Agricultural resources will not rise?Autumn grain can not make money?How to grow more scientifically? Summer planting determines the golden harvest, determines ...详细


Fertilization is essential for high vegetable yields。However, fertilization is not easy to apply, and some taboo places need our attention。So what problems should be paid attention to in vegetable fertilization? First, leaf vegetables do not apply ammonium nitrate cabbage, cabbage ...详细


1, different fertilizer application precautions (1) urea should not be watered immediately after use。 (2) Ammonium carbide should not be applied on the soil surface。 (3) Ammonium carbide should not be applied in greenhouses and greenhouses。 (4) Ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer。 (5) nitrate nitrogen fertilizer do not ...详细


From the perspective of the post-holiday market, urea prices rose steadily。The author expects that the after-market price of urea still has a certain possibility of rising。 At present, Shandong, Hebei, Henan and other places due to winter wheat fertilizer, some manufacturers factory quotations compared with the festival increased 10 ~ 30 yuan (ton price ...详细


Speaking of agricultural marketing, many people who have been mixed in the agricultural sector for many years will say a lot of experience and lessons about marketing, practical operation, market research, technical services, and so on。I have collected and summarized the summary about agriculture ...详细


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