Human Resource Strategy Talent strategy
Talent concept
 Corporate talent strategy planning

First, the guiding ideology of talent strategic planning: fully implement the strategy of talent strengthening enterprises,Implement the scientific Outlook on development,To accelerate the promotion of human resources professional ability as the goal,Firmly grasp the three links of training, attracting and making good use of talents,Accelerate the pace of talent team building,Alleviating the talent shortage,Provide talent support for the development of group companies。

Second, the principle of talent strategic planning

1. People-oriented principle。It is necessary to realize the sustainable development of people as the goal, strengthen the concept of talent, and promote the coordination of talent team construction and enterprise development。

2. Capacity building is the guiding principle。We will speed up talent capacity building, achieve high-end driving and lead development。

3. Implement the principle of lifelong education and training。Promoting the implementation of multi-level and diversified lifelong education and training will not only meet the balance between supply and demand in terms of quantity, but also achieve coordination and optimization in terms of talent structure。

4, the principle of training, certification and use of professional ability as the standard。Through vocational training, the vocational ability of talents can be transformed from weak to strong。

5. The principle of overall promotion。Strengthen the connection and interaction of the training, evaluation, selection, use, flow, incentive and guarantee of talents, and establish an efficient operating mechanism and high-quality working mode that conform to the socialist market economy and have the characteristics of the Chinese article。
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